WATCH: Pia Mia Feat. Chance The Rapper – Fight For You

I am loving this track right now. Kanye West recently said that Pia Mia might be the next Rihanna, and although I don’t know if I can totally agree with that, she’s got talent and it shows in this hypnotic song. The song grows on you as you listen to it. It starts off a little shaky with trippy beats and borderline cheesy lyrics from Pia Mia like “We feel the way that we create, who ever knows what’s real?” (suhhhh deep), but then something happens and with the picking up of the beat and her repetition of  “The day’s gonna come”, suddenly the song sounds so genuinely longing and hopeful that it becomes something special.  It starts to work and keeps going until the end.

Chance and Mia Pia are both at the beginnings of their careers right now, so it’s kind of awesome for them to team up for this track. Chance’s verse comes in unexpectedly. The song as a whole seems like it was originally just going to be Pia and perhaps after the fact Clams Casino got chance to come in and lay a verse on the track. The two components feel almost mushed together, but the juxtaposition which that combination creates takes the track to the next level. I read another review of this song which described Chance’s verse as having “island aggression” and that’s a good way of putting it. He plays with pace and pitch, and this verse one of my favorite Chance verses out there (and I really dig Chance so that’s saying something). This song is refreshing and surprising.



How is Casey Neistat so cool?? His Make It Count video on youtube is probably one of my favorite youtubes that exists, and now here he is doing an ad for J. Crew, one of my top five places to buy clothe$ (it’s number 2 on the list right after free people). I’m not a dude, but if I was the first thing I would do after watching this ad is go out and buy a Ludlow Suit. asap. This video is fun (something that often makes me like ads). It also has a major Wes Anderson vibe, which is always a good vibe to have. Love it.

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WATCH: Bell’s Whiskey Spot

What makes an ad good? That’s the question agencies have been asking for decades. That’s the question my professors ask, and will continue to ask, me and the other ad majors at  my journalism school. Whenever I see an ad that hits me in a way where I have to pause, watch it again, and relish it, I ask myself this question.

This ad is great, but what makes it so? Well for one it’s surprising and different. Most alcohol ads today are about partying, hot girls, or warm beaches. All which sell, but by now we’ve seen so many ads like that they all blend together. Bell’s Whiskey takes a different approach. Although male focussed (like most alcohol ads), this ad strays away from a sandy beach party and tell’s a beautiful story about a father.  It’s a story about the love between a father and son and how powerful and motivating that love is. The dad puts in hours and hours to learn how to read so that he can read the book his son has written. This ad promotes self-discipline, motivation, curiosity, and hard work. At 1:37 this ad hits you. This ad isn’t about drinking to get drunk, or to hook-up, or to party all night, it’s about celebrating love, and that’s a beautiful change from usual alcohol advertisements.

Chance the Rapper – 10 Day

Last Spring I listened to Acid Rap so much that now I can’t not associate blossoming tree’s with songs like Juice and Cocoa Butter Kisses. Once again we are getting beautiful blue skies and flowers are starting to blossom I find myself feeling nostalgic for the perfection that was last Spring. Good thing I never got around to listening to 10 Day until now, because now is the perfect time for it. Something about Chance’s music, the nostalgia of his lyrics, makes the youth that is so prevalent with the Spring feel just right.


Gotta love Fridays. Also loving this new remix of James Vincent McMorrow’s Cavalier.  Not only am I loving this remix and fridays, but I’m also loving McMorrow’s new album Post Tropical.  I listened to James Blake’s Retrogade pretty much on repeat last Jan-March.  It seems to be an anual ritual now; find a new electonic-y, sentimental, james blake/boniver-y artist that vibes perfectly with my winter blues.  

Anyways, this is the perfect song to ease your way into the weekend.

LISTEN: All I Want / Daniella Mason

Daniella Mason is a singer songwriter. She released an album in 2011, but this song is a single she released in 2013. It’s beautifully desperate and hopeful. Her voice is very fragile and vulnerable and the electronic/bordering dub-steppy backings here create something special. I think this song is so fantastic that I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since first listen. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Daniella.

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