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This is an old song and video but I just discovered it and I am currently in love with it’s strange beauty.  It takes about a minute to pick up, but once it does it’s completely captivating, hopeful, and sweet.  I’m excited to hear more from the band Shoe.  They are releasing an album in June that I’ve looking forward to giving a listen.  I’m a fan of Jena Malone’s movies so it makes sense I’m into her music as well.


Cookie Dough Oreo

Cookie Dough Oreo

I just saw this video Nytimes did about the new Cookie Dough Oreo (i feel the need to just write that again, the new COOKIE DOUGH OREO).  I was very impressed by this video.  The video was informational, interesting, and fun.  The design aspects were fairly simple, using just pink, green, and white background and simple images of Oreos and ingredients to help tell the story.  I thought it was an awesome “news” piece, and went on to watch a lot of other Nytimes videos like this.  Not only are the videos super cute, but they offer compelling ideas that make you think.

On another note, I need to try these Oreos! I’ve been hearing about them for a few weeks now but haven’t gotten around to buying a pack.  After seeing this video and learning that there aren’t actually many of the ingredients found in cookie dough in the Oreos, I’m only a little less inclined to go out and buy some.   I mean I’ve loved butterfinger candy bars since I can remember, and when I learned that the chocolate coating on them isn’t real chocolate but “choclatey” artificial flavored coating, that honestly hasn’t stopped me from still indulging in the candy from time to time.  It was so interesting how the video pointed out that actual taste isn’t the only important factor for “flavor themed” produces.  Often the company only needs to have an intriguing flavor name/idea and switch up the packaging to make sales.  In other words the quality of the product really doesn’t matter all the much, which is a weird idea!  However it’s easy to see that this is true, because although I have yet to hear anyone rave OMG THIS TOTALLY TASTES LIKE COOKIE DOUGH IN AN OREO reviews of the new cookie, I continue to see countless Instagram posts with friends showcasing their endeavors with the new limited oreo flavor.  It’s just so funny how even though no one has told me they are that great AND from this video I learned that there are no cookie dough ingredients in the Oreos, even I still want to try them!  I don’t know if this is good marketing or just my deep love and desire for anything labeled “cookie dough” but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s probably both.

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cheers leo, cheers. cheers leo, cheers.[/caption]

It was the combination of the incredible cinematography and mise en scene that is promised by Baz Lurhmann, as well as the soundtrack to the trailer, that caused goose bumps to run up my arms.  The newest promotion for the movie (which I believe is the third version of a trailer to be released thus far) includes never-before-heard songs by Andre 3000 and Beyoncé (they cover Back to Black by Amy Winehouse? and it sounds amazing!?), Lana Del Rey (of course this nostalgia obsessed girl got herself on this soundtrack, but i’m not complaining at all, she belongs here), and an incredible song by Florence and the Machine in which she sings about GREEEEEEN EYEESS!!!!!! with her magestic voice.

Don't worry toby, I didn't forget about you!

Don’t worry toby, I didn’t forget about you!

My fear is that this movie will just not quite be great.  There is too much pressure and anticipation for what it will be, that the pessimist in me thinks that it can’t live it up to what people want it to be.  If Lurhmann had chosen for his next film to be something entirely different, there would still be a tremendous pressure on the movie.  Lurhmann fans want another Moulin Rouge or Romeo + Juliet.  They want a fantastic movie that a fantastic movie that is real at its core.  Baz Lurhmann has the talent to go as over the top as possible but still portray truth.  However, in Australia, although beautiful to watch, the story was lacking.  Now he’s telling The Great Gatsby, and what better story is there than that!  I have fatih that this movie will be great, just still part of me is scared because it seems too good to be true.



If i’m correct in my math, Bazz Lurhmann + Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet = AMAZING then Baz Lurhmann + F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby = AMAZING.  

1920's new york perfection:  i love how this looks modern and vintage at the same time

1920’s new york perfection: i love how this looks modern and vintage at the same time

I want to party at Gatsby's

I want to party at Gatsby’s

I have a poster for Moulin Rouge on my wall.  I watch a Baz Lurhmann film at least once ever couple of months, and yet I don’t know much about the director beyond what he looks like and his films.  I found his single he did called Wear Sunscreen (Everyone’s Free), which I’m sure most people born before the 1990’s know about, because it was a very successful song.  He turned a commencement speech made famous by Mary Schmich and Kurt Vonnegut into a pop song.  The lyrics are inspring and cheesy, but the fact that he was so struck by them to turn them into this songs, basically proves that it was his fate to direct The Great Gatsby.  If you’ve read the novel, you will see themes from it within these lyrics.

this one goes out to you, Daisy and Jay... <3 Baz

this one goes out to you, Daisy and Jay…

There is no one else who could attempt to make this story come to life quite like this. #onlybaz There is no one else who could attempt to make this story come to life quite like this. #onlybaz[/caption]
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