How to Live at Home Over College Summer Break and Not Go Crazy

1.) Make the transition as easy as possible

The transition of going from living near your friends on a college campus where you can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want to living one room down from your parents in a house that is miles away from your college friends can be a little rough.  I’d suggest giving yourself a week of low key days to really make this move go as smoothly as possible.  Don’t head home the day after finals.  Give yourself a few days (or even a week) to pack up your apartment and hang out with your friends at school before heading home. Then give yourself a few days (or, again, a week) to unpack everything at your parents house and really get settled.  You don’t want to live out of boxes/suitcases for the summer, so it’s beneficial to unpack everything and get comfortable.

2.) Get a job

As great as it is to have nothing to do after months of having classes to attend on a weekly basis, staying at your parents house all summer doing nothing will only lead to suicidal thoughts (being obviously overdramatic, but come on, sex and the city marathons on tv and daily trips to the gym lifestyle gets old after about a week.)  Get a job, go to work, meet new people (you don’t have to become best friends with anyone, but it will help make the summer go by at a decent speed), and make some money.  I’m working all summer and putting the funds I make towards a trip to the SOUTHWEST  ❤ and a new laptop.  Lastly, a job gets you out of the house, and away from your parents, making it less likely to majorly get on each others nerves.

3.) Maybe get an internship too.

If you have a strong drive, or connections, you can get an internship.  Hopefully you can get one at a place that somewhat interests you.  It doesn’t have to be at a company where you DR3AM of working, but if it involves something that you’re sligthlyyy interested in, you should do it.  Internships can feel awkward at moments for sure, but you will learn a lot and really get to see what a certain career looks like, which will help you decide if you want to pursue it further.

4.) Get outside

It’s summer.  It’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s beautiful.  There’s lots of vitamin D to soak up, which for me, living in drizzly Portland, means I make a huge effort to get outside.  Whether its lying outside in the sun for a half hour, or spending the day hiking Mt. Saint Helens, getting outside (and doing something active is a special bonus) is a sure bet to make your summer awesome.  You can do stuff like this alone, with high school friends, or with your parents – all are solid options.

5.) Make an effort to do the things you wish you had time to do when you’re at college

This can include soo many things.  For me it is watching movies, tv shows, and reading books.  At school when I have a ton of homework and am hanging out with friends most weekend nights, I never have a lot of time to commit to reading for pleasure, or watching all the movies I want to see.  For some reason, I have no idea why, but during the summer when I have a lot more free time, it’s easy for me to let that time go to waste.  Make an effort to read, watch the movies you want to see, go to art museums, go on a trip, WHATEVER IT IS, just think about your college self and what they wish they could do when they have to write an essay, and do that thing! You will thank yourself this fall.


Why I love hating running

my body rejects most of the feelings that come with running, both physically and mentally.

so often, while darting (or i really should say something more accurate like… lazily plopping one foot in front of the other at a 5.5 mph pace with what could be called humpetty form(not a word but it just sounds right so go with it)) along on the treadmill (and occasional outdoor trail)  i get intense sensations of anger and hatred for what i am doing.

my legs feel strained after 2 minutes, it hurts to breath, and i get annoyed by everything.

oh and i sweat. it’s disgusting. i can go on the elliptical for an hour and, sure i’ll get slightly sweaty, but it’s nothing i ever really notice as being a lot.  on the treadmill it’s a whole other story.  by the end of a short thirty minutes my entire shirt is a sweat stain.  This, in addition to already being in a negative mood because i’m running sometimes causes me to think irrational thoughts like, “I WANT TO KILL SWEAT.”   the worst is when droplets fall into my eyeballs resulting in a blinking tantrum, which only further disrupts the peace within myself.

as much as i hate everything about running, that hate is also why i have come to love it. just stay with me here..

running is the most uncomfortable and painful situation i face multiple times a week.  sure, there are moments of deeper physcial pain occasionaly if i accidentally fall, or burn myself, (or some other unpredictable injury), and there are occasional worse moments of mental pain that usually occur if i’m fighting with someone or feeling depressed, but by running i make the choice to “torture” myself for a good thirty minutes.

i figure that i should make the best out of these thirty horrible minutes so i put everything and anything that might piss me off, annoy me, and/or make me want to kill irrational things into these minutes.

i think about homework assignments that i haven’t done that are stressing me out, i think about people that i don’t like, i think about people that don’t like me, i think about things i wish i could change but can’t, or haven’t yet.  i think about all the problems i see in the world.  i think about the fact that nothing makes sense.  i’m running on a treadmill that’s in a gym that’s grounded on a planet that’s supposedly floating in an infinite universe, a fact that is so mind-blowing i will never really understand it.  i think about unfairness.  here i am running for many reasons, one of them which is to stay relatively slim, while there are people dying from starvation.  i think about ireland, and how much i’d kill to go back.  i think about how frustrating it was that i slept through my two alarms set for this morning and woke up like a flustered idiot 19 minutes before class.

and sometimes, but only sometimes, on a lucky day, at the end of my run i get a few minutes of bliss.

it usually happens if by chance a song that produces strong emotions in me comes on as i finish up the jog.  i’ll be running and realize i only have 4 minutes left, and the perfect song might be playing (for example, all these things that i’ve done, by the killers is a prime example) and at the i’ve got soul but i’m not a soldier part i’ll bump up the speed to 7 or 7.5 (or even 8 which is like a lot for me) and pound out the last few minutes as if they are all i have left.  and i’ll realize i’ve gotten out all of my negative energy and for those brief moments there is no need to sprint away from the things that bother me, because i’ve (temporarily) conquered them, and i now have the ability to run after things i want, and i run, and i sprint, and i keep going, as if i could go on forever, and it is beautiful.

i run for that moment.

i also run for the floating sensation that sticks around for a good 15 minutes after i’m done. i run for the calirty i have for the rest of the day.  i run because it keeps me in size 6 jeans. i run because it keeps my heart healthy and my legs toned.  i run because life sucks, and painful moments can hit you in the face at any given moment, and having the power to at least control some of that makes me feel like i don’t need to be as afraid.

Sa Bhaile: What getting my first tattoo felt like

Sa Bhaile: What getting my first tattoo felt like

i remember the days i spent in ireland more vividly than some of the days i spent at college this past week.

on one of those memorable days i got two words tattooed on my foot because they made sense. more than just their meaning but also in the way they sounded.

sa bhaile.

it means at home in irish. it’s a feeling that is extremely distinct, but not easy to come by. if i knew how to describe it, then i’d probably know how to find it more easily than i do. i felt it in Ireland, and it was the first time I’d truly felt it in a long time.

right before i sat down on the tattoo bed i remember wondering if i was making a mistake. i felt at home, but i feared it would fade, and then i’d look at the tattoo, and i was not sure what i would feel that would be bad, but i was afraid i would regret it.

i consciously made the decision not to let that stop me. i realized that my sense of comfort in Dublin would fade because i had a return plane ticket back to america. i knew i’d have to leave the amazing people i’d been lucky enough to meet in ireland, and i knew that the feeling of home would go away, just like it had before.

but i also knew that in that moment it existed, and it could exist again after ireland and it was a weird moment where all of a sudden i wasn’t fearful, but felt a sense of understanding. i knew that even though everything in the world, and in my life was not perfect, and not always okay, that was okay. over-said quotes like this too shall pass became clear, and beautiful, and when the needle pricked my foot, and the blues-music loving tattoo artist signed those words in cursive, everything happened like i was floating with water, swimming with the current.

Buy These Little Guys

This is basically a post about nothing important because I haven’t blogged in a while and feel like a should… doot da dooo

But even with that knowledge, you should still read this post, because it potentially life improving! Or at least wardrobe improving, because what I’m about to talk about is really exciting.  I’m about to talk about shoes.

These shoes:

Okay. Get Ready. Here we goooo!

I found the cutest  sneakers for summer ever! And they cost $17 (and I just checked online and now they are on sale for $15!).  And they are from Old Navy! OMG!!!!1!!11!

i bought this color!

Out of boredom my roommate and I went to Old Navy in Eugene for the first time ever a week ago.  While shopping, I noticed a line of colorful sneakers hanging on one of the walls.  All of the bright colors caught my attention, and I had to check them out.  They come in red, blue, purple, navy, yellow, orange, and tan (and more).  I slipped on a pair and found them to be extremely comfortable.   I bought the pair in the color tan and do not regret it at all.  I’ve worn them almost every day this week because they are incredibly easy to slip on, and go with everything.  I would go back and get more colors, except I just bought a pair of nicer sneakers yesterday (SUPERGAS!:D) so I will hold off for a while on the sneaker shopping.

i like this pink color too

The only down side to these is that because they are fairly cheap, the quality is not  excellent (as expected).  As I said, I’ve already worn mine a lot, and I can tell that they won’t hold up for very long, the bottom soles of the shoes are already worn down a little :(  But I think the shoes ARE worth what you pay for them, so I would definitely recommend getting a pair, especially if you are looking for a slip on sneaker style shoe.  One of my friends liked them so much that she went and bought a pair for herself in navy!

You can purchase them online here, but they had a lot more colors available in the actual old navy stores, which I don’t understand! You would think they would offer all of the colors online.

These shoes aren’t great quality, but they are cheap, cute, and comfortable, and are my favorite things I’ve bought for summer so far! (besides the sneakers I bought online yesterday… but those aren’t in my life yet so they don’t count!)

I’m interested in what other people have purchased so far for the nicer weather! Have you found anything that was a great deal, or that you are just loving and think everyone should get?

woah blogging about sneakers is exciting.

This post is kind of, maybe about Britney Spears, but don’t judge it just yet?

Today I put my ipod on shuffle and at one point a Britney spears song came on.  Instead of changing it, I let it play, and for some reason I found myself considering the lyrics for the first time, ever.  And doing so made me feel strangely uncomfortable.  The song I was listening to is called “Till the World Ends” and it’s off her most latest album, which came out back in 2011.

Here is the song:

Okay. I’ll start by saying that when I think of “Britney Spears”, as a person, aside from her music, there are three “Britneys” that come to mind.

1.) 2000 Britney

2.) 2007 Britney

3.) 2013 Britney

Britney Spears has gone through some very “dark” phases in her life, and her worst moments were plastered on all of the magazine covers I gazed at in grocery store check-out lanes when I was in middle school and high school.  I was younger when “Britney 2000” existed, so I only barely saw her youthful innocent side, before whatever happened between 2004 and 2008, happened.

Whatever Britney went through is not a “light” subject.  When your “Personal Life” section on Wikipedia has many dense sub-categories, that’s a warning sign.  She’s struggled with drug addictions, arrests, and multiple trips to rehab.  She SHAVED HER HEAD in front of the PAPARAZZI with nothing but a dazed/sad expression on her face (and supposedly she chopped off her hair so that it couldn’t be tested for drug usage so she wouldn’t lose her kids).  She has a CONSERVATORSHIP in place, and until recently her parents/husbands have managed all of her money, because she is not mentally stable enough to do so.  People have said it’s  likely that she has a mental illness, and the only reason she’s “functional” today is due to a strict dosage of medication her managers feed her every single day.  Like OKAY, this is dark, and its plastered across her wikipedia page for anyone to see.

NOW, this brings me back to why I have an issue with this song, and most of her songs she (and her team… because you know there are tons of people that craft her image/music) continues to release today.  SHE STILL SINGS ABOUT PARTYING, DRINKING, DOING DRUGS, AS IF EVERYTHING SHE DID LEADING UP UNTIL 2008 NEVER HAPPENED!? WTF?!

Here are some examples off this song I listened to earlier and a few others that were on her 2011 Femme Fatale album…

“See the sunlight, we ain’t stoppin/Keep on dancing till the world end/If you feel it, let it happen/Keep on dancing till the world ends” – I’m pretty sure Britney hasn’t been allowed to stay up past midnight for awhile, in fear that she’ll have another psychotic breakdown..

“I notice that you got it, you notice that I want it/You know that I can take it to the next level baby”- yeah, we know, Britney..

“Show your knee socks/Drink tequila on the rocks”- BRITNEYYYY why are you still singing songs all about getting drunk and partying, when clearly that didn’t work out too well for you?!?!?

“Shame on me/To need release/Uncontrollably…I wanna go all the way/Taking out my freak tonight/I wanna show all the dirt/I got running through my mind, whoa” – Ughhhh This is just so frustrating because I’m pretty sure 2013 Brtiney gets release from Dance classes her managers make her go to, and talks about the dirt running through her mind with a therapist.

Obviously she doesn’t write the music, she has teams of people that pick songs they think will be commercially successful for her, but its still disappointing that they are choosing for her to sing songs about things she DOESNT DO ANYMORE BECAUSE WHEN SHE DID SHE WAS A TOTAL MESS.  And what’s worse is that it still makes tons of money!

At parties her songs will sometimes come on and everyone will sing along with the drug/alcohol/party references, ignoring  the fact that the girl singing the lyrics likely was famous just a few years ago for completely falling apart because of partying, and probably a mental illness.

The message that “Britney Spears” sends to her fans/people that randomly listen to her music (I’m in that category) is confusing, hypocritical, inauthentic, and messed up.

The way woman are portrayed in the media is very contradictory and confusing at times, and I’m not really sure what the best thing would be to do about that.  We love to praise and talk about strong independent women like Tina Fey and Lena Dunham, but at the same we love to obsess about women who are struggling (amanda bynes, lindsay lohan, britney spears) and follow their breakdown.  It’s a very mixed message, and something about it seems wrong. UGH.

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Um, Can I Major in Netflix?

I watch a lot of netflix.  It is one of my favorite forms of relaxation, and I was thinking lately that I probably qualify as a Netflix major.  To bad the UO doesn’t offer Netflix as a major, or minor, because I would totally get on that.  How great would that be?

I’ve watched a lot  of the movies on netflix, and sometimes it seems like there are no good ones left.  Lately I’ve watched a lot of random movies that I simply clicked on because of a cool poster, or because a certain actor was in the film.  I thought I would do a post on  four random (random for me btws) netflix movies that you might not have already watched, and that you totally should.


I decided to watch this movie because I heard the cinematography was breathtaking.  Also, it stars VINCENT CASSEL, who I think is one of the greatest actors living today (sidenote: is vincent cassel a human being? because he seems to perfect/talented to be a real human…think about it k?)

The plot of this movie is fairly simple.  A fourteen year old girl, named Filipa, is spending the summer with her family in Buzios (a costal town in Brazil).  She thinks the family has gone there for the summer so that her father, Matias (played by Cassel), can work on his novel, but later in the movie you learn there are more complex reasons for the families move to the coast.  Filipa is at the age where she is starting to experiment with her own femininity and sexuality, but also still easily curls up on her fathers lap.  She discovers that her father has started an affair with an American living at the beach (played by Camilla Belle, who I’m still not sure can act, but she’s incredibly beautiful, so i guess that’s okay..).  The movie follows the development of that affair, as well as the breakdown of Filipa’s parents marriage, mainly through her adolescent perspective.

This movie has flaws, for example, I didn’t think the parent’s characters were round enough.  They are both extremely unlikeable people, which sort of made them flat at points.  However, the imagery in this movie is what pulls you in.  There are countless breathtaking shots of Brazil, that really transport you to the place.  You can feel the sun, and imagine exactly what it feels like to float in the ocean, as the characters often do.  Also I thought the portrayal of the Filipa’s family as a whole was excellent.  The family dynamic seems very real, and the relationships between the parents and their children come acorss as  authentic, especially Filipa and Matias’ relationship.  The end of this movie moved me, and overall I thought it was very good.


This movie I decided to watch only because Chris Messina was in it.  Although he sometimes tends to do odd, and not great films (like the movie Monogamy..just why.), his performance is always great.  This movie is slow, and I can see why a lot of people might not like it.  It’s about two characters who have a 10 year long affair that spans from an initial one night stand.  Although both in relationships that turn into marriages, the characters continue to meet in hotel rooms over the course of the movie (which reminded me a lot of Up in the Air). Although the characters are kind of easy to hate, because they continue their affair for so long without ever actually doing anything about it, Chris Messina and Marin Ireland put their all into their characters, and that really makes the film worth watching.  It is also cool to watch the actors develop the relationship given the limited setting.  Every scene takes place in a hotel room, which adds a suffocating sense both to their relationship, and the film, but the actors work with that to mold the relationship into something very unique and almost special.  This isn’t a movie I would tell people that THEY HAD TO WATCH!!!! but if you can’t sleep one night, and want to watch something that might capture your attention, I would recommend turning this on.


This movie made me cry.  It is very slow, and  quite, but if you give it time to build, it’s totally worth watching. This movie stars Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams, but I thought the strongest performances came from Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman (who plays an alcoholic).  The plot of the movie is sort of a combination of the storylines in Adrift and 28 Hotel Rooms, because the story centers on the failing mariage between Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams’ characters, and an affair Williams’ characters begins with their new neighbor (played by Kirby).  Williams’ character feels that she not getting something out of her mariage anymore, and trys to fill that hole through the affair with Kirby.  The ending of this film was  sad, but felt authentic and real.  Also, I thought the slow-moving qulaity of the plot made the movie feel very representative of “real life”.  The best line of the movie comes at the end of the movie from Silverman’s character (who plays Seth Rogan’s sister, I believe), she says, “Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.”


Aw, I thought this movie was cute.  I decided to watch it because I was interested in the characters.  Chris Messina (he’s great in this, naturally) plays a street artist who performs as one of those silver painted “mechanical men”.  I always see those guys, especially in big cities like Chicago and New York, but I had never actually considered them, or wondered about why they chose to spend their everyday plastered with silver paint pretending to be robotic, for a dollar or two.  I think that is such an intriguing character idea for a movie, so when I saw that, I knew I wanted to watch it.

This movie is not great, but because it is based on good ideas, and it has so much potential, I think its worth watching.  So many random, awesome actors are in this including Topher Grace (my cat is named after this dude), Malin Akerman, Chris Messina (have i mentioned that i think he’s awesome..), Rich Sommer, oh yeah, and then there’s Jenna Fischer (hai pam).   Jenna Fischer plays the main character, named Janice, who is a thirty-something year-old who is “lost in life”.  She very quirky, and for some reason has yet to find her “path” in life.  She meets Chris Messina’s character, Tim, while working at the zoo, and they both bond over their shared ideas about life.  She also meets his alter-ego, the “mechanical man” and builds an odd connection with him, without knowing it is Tim.  The movie is about their relationship, as well as the pressure Janice feels coming from her sister (played by Ackerman) to figure out her life and find a good man to date.

This movie has so many things that would usually make me hate a movie.  The acting isn’t always great, Jenna Fischer’s character is borederline VERY ANNOYING, and there are countless tumblr worthy cheesy qutoes such as, “Sometimes I just feel invisible. And I heard someone say something recently, that it just takes one person, you know. Just one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special. And I think that that’s true. I know that that’s true because… because I felt it. The other night, I was out with this guy that I work with and… I work at the zoo and… and anyway, it was only for one night, but it just… it felt different, you know.”

but… for some reason I can’t even really explain, I LIKED this movie! like a lot! I totally vibed with the thirty-year old characters who felt lost in life and like they didn’t know what they want to do, and I got teary eyed a couple times.  I’d recommend this movie if you are looking for a “feel-good” movie and aren’t going to be completed disgusted by a little (or, maybe a lot of) cheesiness.

James Blake at the Wonder Ballroom, April 24th, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I drove to Portland to see James Blake perform at the Wonder Ballroom.  I only learned that he was going to be playing there last week, and without even really thinking about it I bought a ticket.  I’m in love with his new album Overgrown, and could not miss such an awesome opportunity to see him on tour.

The Wonder Ballroom is a small venue on the East side of Portland.  It’s one of my favorite places to go to concerts because of its size. The concerts usually feel very intimate, and the sound quality is great.

My friend Alex, who goes to college in Portland, and I met up a couple hours before the show and walked around the surrounding neighborhood, while we caught up with each other.  The weather was gorgeous (as per usual as of late) so it was a lovely night to explore.  It was fun to see a new (to me) area of Portland.  There are so many adorable houses and modern looking apartments (that looked like awesome places to live) over there!  We also checked out the local street art.


interacting with art

We walked into the Wonder Ballroom at around 9:15, and we’re lucky because James Blake came right on stage at 9:30.


He put on a beautiful show.  I don’t even know where to start, or how to put the experience into words.  One of my favorite aspects of the show was how the bass was able to shake the room.  Throughout many of his songs, during the intense electronic parts, the floor vibrated which shook your whole body.  You could literally feel the music, which was a very different and an amazing experience, after having only listened to the album through headphones up until then.

It was also awesome to watch him create loops live.  James Blake often loops tracks and layers them on top of each other in his songs.  Not only was it incredible to watch him pull that off with such ease and success in front of a live audience, but it was cool because the crowd’s applause occasionally would be heard on a looping track, which added a new component to his songs.   It felt like the audience was able to contribute more to the show than just standing and clapping after songs (but I wonder if James likes this or gets annoyed with it interfering with his tracks).  This leads to the topic of how awesome the crowd and overall “vibe” of the show was in general.  Everyone danced throughout the whole set, as opposed to the subtle head bobbing that sometimes seems to spread like a virus at concerts.  Also, I think James Blake’s music is very emotional, and it seemed that most people in attendance would agree.  I got the feeling that everyone there deeply respected James Blake, and that seemingly universal attitude, made the concert feel very meaningful and special.

James Blake was interesting to watch too.  While he plays his whole body moves with the music.  To get kind of cheese ball it was almost like watching  something magical happen (I use that word a lot, but only when I genuinely think it is applicable!).  (Magic to me = Just something that is so beautiful/amazing and you can’t really explain why) (I probably  just don’t have a great vocabularly which is why so many things are “magical” to me… doot da doo..).


He ended the show with an encore (I need to do a post about how much I hate the concept of encores… but anyways) and during the final song James played his cover of Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You”.  The two other musicians left the stage for this one, so it was the only song during which James was on the stage, alone.  His version is  stripped down, and while he played it, the audience gradually quieted,  and something beautiful happened.  He seemed to sway with the energy of the audience (or maybe it was vice vesra) and I felt the heart-breaking emotion in the songs lyrics, and the emotion which James brings to it as well.  When it was over I realized I had teared up, and looked around and realized that most people were wiping their eyes as well.  When he finished the song the room stayed silent for a long second, before the audience erupted with applause.  Below is the song he ended the show with.


I am so so so glad I went to the show last night.  Even though I had to wake up at 6 am to drive back to Eugene for work and class today (and plan on going to bed at 8pm) it was completely worth it.  Ah. Amazing Show.

Exploring Eugene

This past Saturday was wonderful.  My friends and I started the day at 9 am by hitting up the Buffalo Exchange Dollar Sale.  To celebrate earth day, Buffalo Exchange throws a huge sale where they mark the prices on large amounts of their stock down to $1!  We showed up (coffee in hand) to the sale 10 minutes before it started, and there was already a huge a line.  When the Buffalo girls pulled out the first racks of clothing, I felt like I was in one of those scenes from “Mean Girls” when everyone starts behaving like jungle animals.  It was craziness.  All of the customers (a surprisingly even mixture of girls and guys) were ripping at the clothes on the hangers with no regard for one another.  My friend Eva, who’s a talented thrift shopper gave me some advice: JUST GRAB EVERYTHING, examine it later.

I tried to snag as much stuff as possible, however I think I need to improve my speed skills, because I defintily missed a lot of cute clothes.  However, I did get lucky and found a black blazer that fits me perfectly, and looks very sophisticated.  I also got a weird but cool (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself) black lace dress, and a cute shirt.  All for $3, you can’t beat it.  My friend Savannah got super lucky and found two pairs of awesome grey jeans, and each fit her perfectly too.



After the craziness was over I met up with another friend for lunch.  We wandered around for a little bit after lunch, grabbing a cup of coffee and windowshopping at American Apperal, before she asked, “do you want to go downtown?  I’m tired of this area of Eugene.”  I agreed, and we soon hopped in my car and drove away from campus.  I realized it was so true, even though I have a car, I have not explored Eugene as much as a I should .  I always complain about how boring and small Eugene is, but I don’t make a big effort to actually look for interesting things to do.

We first went to the Saturday market.  It was a gorgeous day, and we walked around laughing at the strange things you can see in Eugene.  Mind you, it was April, 20th, or FOUR TWENTY, and we witnessed many people celebrating what seems to be the most important national holiday in Eugene (ugh).  Speaking of greens, I also picked up some beautiful veggies at one of the stands.  Carrots from farmer’s markets will always be one of my favorite snacks.  I ate the bunch that I purchased over the course of the rest of the weekend.  I think my spirit animal is a rabbit.


After the Farmers Market, my friend recommended that we head over the 5th Street Public Market.  I had driven by this place many times, and always thought it looked interesting, but had never been. I am so happy my friend wanted to go here, because I think it is my new favorite place in Eugene!  The word “quaint” comes to mind when I think of Fifth Street Market.  It is a beautiful large building that has outdoor walkways that lead to and fro all of the stores.  There is a gorgeous courtyard in the center, and beautiful balconies on all floor levels, where you can sit and drink coffee or eat lunch.  Below is a picture I took of the courtyard from the first floor.

IMG_5838We first went into the clothing store Melange.  They had a lovely collection of clothes, including a wide selection of designer jeans.  We visited some of the other shops, and then went the Marche.  Can I just say, I was a little too excited to find Marche.  Marche also has a location on the UO campus in the art building.   I go there frequently, because they make the best latte that I have found in Eugene so far (acutally they are tied with Vero… but still,) so I was so excited to learn that they have multiple locations.  They also have a restuarant located at 5th Street Market, which I’ve heard serves great French food.IMG_9654

My friend ordered a salted caramel latte (it’s le bomb dig), and I had a cupcake.  Next I want to try their macarons to see if they compare to the authentic French ones.

The marche inside of the UO art museum, the BEST spot for coffee on campus

The marche inside of the UO art museum, the BEST spot for coffee on campus


If you are tired of the “hippy” aspect of Eugene, or just want to find something else, I would highly suggest visiting 5th Street Public Market.  I plan on going back soon to try the Sushi restaurant Pure as well as the Marche Restaurant.

Now I’m off to Portland for the night to go see the James Blake concert.  I’ve heard he’s magical live.

New Season, New Music

One thing that gets me through my Wednesday and Thursday (my busiest days..) is the fact that I do not have any classes on Friday! Seriously. It’s wonderful.  This mornign I slept in until 10 am and spent the first hour of my day reading my favorite blogs in bed with a cup of coffee.  It was lovely.

This weekend I am looking forward to going to the Buffalo Exchange dollar sale (everything is one dollah!! how epic), hanging out with freinds, and deciding where and if I will intern abroad this summer (it’s a big decision, and I’m bad at those, so we’ll how this goes…).  It’s been rainy today, so far, but hopefully the sun will peak out for part of this weekend!

Today’s post is going to be about several songs/artists I’m enjoying at the moment. I am currently really excited about muisc.  A lot of my favorite bands and artists have released new material recently (Kid cudi, James Blake, Phoenix, Cold War Kids…) and the new songs have been making this Spring feel even more refreshing and exciting.  Here are just 5 songs/video that I’ve been obsessing over this April.


I cannot express how much I love this guy’s music.  His sound is so unique and interesting, but I feel like most people would be able to get into it.  I’ve been listening to his whole album on repeat, which I believe is a sign of true talent in an arist.   When someone can produce a whole album that someone wants to listen to over and over, rather than a single track or two, you know it’s something special. I think every single track is amazing, but this is one of my favorites,

I could not be more excited to go to his concert this Wednesday!

2.) Kid Cudi is back

Kid Cudi released his third studio album, titled Indicud (I don’t love the name of it..) on April 16th (although it leaked earlier).  I’ve listened to it a couple times, and I am a fan!  The sound of it reminds me on his first Man on the Moon album.  What is interesting is that I’ve gone through the same process with this new album that I did with that one.  Back in 2010 I first really heard of Cudi, and at first I did not like the album.  It wasn’t until a few listens that I started to get into it, and that album ended up becoming the anthem to my summer.  Songs like “Man on the Moon” and “Up, Up, and Away” will forever have a special place in my ipod and heart.  Anyways, I think the same thing is happening to me with this album.  At first I didn’t really dig it, but as I’ve been listening to it more and more, it’s growing on me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ended up loving it to the same level that I love Man on the Moon, but it’s pretty great.

3.) Lana Del Rey Summer Wine Video!

Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Barry-James O’neil (HIS NAME IS BARRY-JAMES, I LOVE IT!) covered Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine” and I’m obsessed with the video they released with the cover.  It’s homemade, vintagy, and adorable.

4.) Florence and the Machine for Great Gatsby

So I’ve already expressed my love for the fact that Bazz Lurhmann is making The Great Gatsby come to life in a movie, but have I expressed my love for the soundtrack that is accompaning the film? NOPE (..well acutally I kind of already did in my Gatsby post, but shhhh)  WELL, I am in love with the soundtrack to this movie!! Minus the fact that (who told him that nickname was a good idea…) and Fergie are on it, I am on board.  The film released the soundtrack preview yesterday and it is filled with songs that are a mixture of both modern and vintage sounds.  A lot of the comments about the tracklist were negative, but I think it is great, and if you have seen Romeo + Juliet then you know that Lurhmann is extremely talented at juxtapsing modern and old together to create something brilliant.  One of my favorite songs on this soundtrack is Florence and the Machine’s “Over the Love”.  Her voice is majestic and this song is absolutely stunning.

5.) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- We Know Who U R

I only recently discovered Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  The formed in 1983… only a little late on this one.  I love his voice.  It reminds me of the National.  I think this is a band people either love or hate, because they have such a unique and different sound.  I’m into it and my favorite song is the one below, “We Know Who U R”

I wish I could have seen their set at Coachella!

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