Gotta love Fridays. Also loving this new remix of James Vincent McMorrow’s Cavalier.  Not only am I loving this remix and fridays, but I’m also loving McMorrow’s new album Post Tropical.  I listened to James Blake’s Retrogade pretty much on repeat last Jan-March.  It seems to be an anual ritual now; find a new electonic-y, sentimental, james blake/boniver-y artist that vibes perfectly with my winter blues.  

Anyways, this is the perfect song to ease your way into the weekend.


WATCH: Frances Ha

I had heard about this movie for a little while now, but only finally got around to watching it the other night. Mumblecore films are not for everyone, but I usually love them. Greta Gerwig does an extraordianry acting job in this film. If you haven’t seen her in other films you might think she’s actually a lot like Frances, but in reality she is a lot less weird. As a 20 year old I could relate to the struggle Frances goes through as she attempts to “grow up”. I thought her relationship with Sophie was very believable, and I loved how the film continued to surprise me. For example, when Frances takes a trip to Paris you might expect it to be a turning point, or at least filled with some type of adventure, and yet it is totally anti-climatic. The film wraps up a little too neatly, but overall I thought it was a great story.

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LISTEN: All I Want / Daniella Mason

Daniella Mason is a singer songwriter. She released an album in 2011, but this song is a single she released in 2013. It’s beautifully desperate and hopeful. Her voice is very fragile and vulnerable and the electronic/bordering dub-steppy backings here create something special. I think this song is so fantastic that I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since first listen. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Daniella.

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My mom’s boyfriend played the song “Car Radio” for me because my own car’s radio does not work.  The song is by a band called Twenty One Pilots.  It’s two guys, Tyler and Josh, who are from OHIO.  Their sound is so unique.  For me at least, I’ve never heard anything really like it.  I’m not great at describing music so I looked online for a description and found a good one on the lollapalooza website which talks about their sound, particularly on their album “Vessel”  —

“an album which merges elements of hip-hop, indie rock and punk in a way that’s so seamless that you’ll be rapping along one minute and caught up in a lush orchestral line on a song like “Car Radio ” in the next minute. “We’re not trying to consciously do something different but we’ve just never emulated any other bands” Joseph explains. “We’ve never fit into any particular scene so we figured we would just make our own.”

From the impossibly catchy groove of “Semi-Automatic” to the high-energy hip-hop of “Holding On To You” and the ambient electronic experimentation of “Trees,” Vessel is a complex collection of songs that shows why twenty one pilots are the latest addition to Fueled By Ramen’s extremely selective roster. “‘Ode To Sleep’ is a song I’m really proud of because it’s really odd when it comes to structure; it challenges the listener, “Joseph explains. “Ultimately I think those are the types of moments that make our fans really connect to our music.”

I’m loving discovering more and more of their songs.  So far I’ve mainly been listening to Vessel.  Here are a few of my favorites off of it, also an awesome interview of the two guys!

Screen :

Car Radio :

Semi-Automatic :

Ode to Sleep (this one might be my numba 1) :

WATCH THIS! The answers they give to the last few questions (espeically Tyler’s responses) show how genuine they are.  Tyler has super interesting ideas. You can see how much they care about the music and the people listening to it.

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The Five Albums that Defined My 2013

When I think about 2013 I realize that different albums  marked distinct parts of the year for me.  Rather than a year of playlists this really was a year of albums.  Listening to certain ones that spoke to me at certain times from start to finish over and over.  It was kind of awesome, and is a cool way for me to look back at the past year.

1.) The National- Trouble Will Find Me

I am so thankful for The National’s existence.  Matt Berninger’s (or shuld i sai da king of melancholy) beautiful and tragic lyrics are so necessary sometimes.  Just like with Boxer and Alligator, I slowly fell in love with every song on this album.  You can listen to it from start to finish and enjoy every song, but slowly discover a certain track that is extra special for whatever you are feeling that day.  I first loved “Sea of Love” and after that came “Graceless” and then “I Need My Girl”.  You will tell yourself again that Berninger is perfect in that he is able to prove to you that you are not alone in you’re feeling down or hurt.  I got to see them play with my friend in September and it was so f*cking amazing.   Berninger drank a bottle of wine and ended up coming into the crowd and I hugged him?! This album marked my month of May, which really felt like the start of my 2013.  Spring seems to do that to me, really start the year.  I honestly don’t know what happens January-March.

2.) Chance the Rapper- Acid Rap

Acid Rap is another album that marks spring 2013 as well as the start of summer.  It is really is the first album that comes to mind when I think about the start of 2013.  I distinctly remember that I started listening to in early may.  That was also right around the time I scored free speakers from a friend (which I had to finally return last month :() and I would play Acid Rap almost everyday.  While cleaning my room, while packing to move out of my apartment for the summer, while pre-gaming, while just staring at my ceiling.  I don’t know what it was/is about this album that is so listenable.  Chance feels a lot of pain, annoyance, confusion, but at the same time also has a lot of positivity in his music.  His songs are fun, and relatable, and mark a transitional point in my life.  I think I stopped listening to his album all the time around July (cause I literally listened to it from start to finish like everyday from may-july) but I still love it, and get stoked when a song comes on.

Lorde- Pure Heroine

Lordeeeeeee.  Pure Heroine was my summer album.  I listened to this soo much, in my car while driving around doing errands for my internship.  The song’s melodies are so catchy, her lyrics are so relatable, and I’ll say it again how did she make this album when she was 16.  It’s perfect.   Love Club was the first song that made me fall in love with the album, and I even learned how to play it on guitar.  This album makes me think of sunny drives, as well as a singular five hour drive to Seattle in October when we only had this album and Yeezus, so we ended up listening to the whole thing 5 times.  Start to finish.

Kanye West- Yeezus

Oh Kanye West.  Why do you have to be so incredibly talented and such an asshole.  I went to the opening night of his Yeezus tour in Seattle, and my life was forever changed.  He was on his A game that night (meaning amazing positive energy and no 30 minute rants about white supremacy/not getting nominated for enough Grammys which defined some of his other shows), and put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.  This album really marked summer and fall of 2013 for me.  My first favorite off the album was Blood on the Leaves and slowly I fell in love with Bound 2, Hold My Liquor, and the rest of it.

Beyoncé- Beyoncé

I got home at 4 am on Friday the 13th.  Finals week had just ended, and I had just finished watching a movie with some friends.  I checked my computer and saw a Facebook status about this album, which had just dropped, and ended up listening to the whole thing before I went to bed.  This album defines the word flawless, and when people ask me which is my favorite track I have to respond with at least 5 songs.  Like I have no words for how great this whole thing is…

5 Things I’m Loving

Post like these are fun to do and make me appreciate the things I’m doing, eating, listening to even more.


Picture 7This is the greatest coat I have ever found.  I discovered it when I was visting Vermont a few weeks ago.  My aunt was wearing it, and I immeditely complimented her on it and she she told me she had just bought it from Anthropolgie.  I couldn’t get the coat out of my head, and literally thought about it every morning before I left the door becasue I wanted to wear it.  I think you can wear it with EVERYTHING (which probably isn’t true, but I’m so in love with this coat that it blinds to what looks good and what doesn’t.  if the coats on, the outfits perfect..)  Well now that it’s mine, I have to say IT IS PERFECT. It is so soft and warm, and it makes every outfit look cooler.  People compliment the coat and give you lots of hugs when you wear it too 😀

2.) Running

I’ve been going for a 30 minute run almost everyday for the past few weeks.  I go through phases where I get into running and then phases when it feels like too much work so I stick to elliptical or yoga classes.  Right now I’m in a running phase.  It feels so good to push myself, and pound out miles on the treadmill.  I’m working really hard at school and writing lately, and I have a bunch of bigger goals that have been on mind, and when I’m running hard I love it because you really feel like you are working hard.  There is something about physically pushing yourself that gives me confidence to push myself in other parts of life.

3.) Kurt Vonneget

I started this book over the weekend.  So far it’s incredibly funny, weird, and brilliant.  There’s something about Vonneget that makes you feel like he’s on your team, and gets life.  So many quotes I’ve already circled, but here’s one that came at the end of the last chapter I finished:

“Who hasn’t lost his or her head in the springtime?”

4.) Spaghetti Squash

SPAGHETTI SQUASH.  This stuff is great.  You cut it into two halves, scoop out the seeds, pour two tablespoons of water into each half and microwave them for 10 minutes.  Then you let them cool for a few minutes, and scoop out the spaghetti like squash.  This stuff is a lot healthier than pasta, and my favorite thing to do is serve it with parmesan crusted chicken breast, vodka sauce, and parmesan cheese.  It’s seriously delicious and healthy.


I’m in love with Daughter.  I’ve been listening to the English band all week.  Even better? Listening to Daughter pandora.  Some of there songs are so beautiful that they literally stop me in my tracks while I’m walking around, so that’s totally normal and cool, right?

New Tattoos


I jumped from having one foot tattoo to three during my trip to Vermont.

When I told the tattoo artist in Vermont that I wanted “Is there life on Mars?” on my foot, he didn’t question it.  Instead he was excited.  I liked that he didn’t ask me why I wanted it.  Instead he just said “Bowie?” and I said “Yeah” and he was stoked to do it.

A lot like “Life on Mars?”, when I try to explain my tattoo with words it makes as much sense as the song lyrics.

I’ve known the song for as long as I can remember. When I was 10 I googled the lyrics and was all like “What does  “Sailors fighting in the dance hall, Oh man! look at those cavemen go, It’s the freakiest show” mean?!?!?! And more importantly why does none of this make sense, but I still love this song?”  A quote from Neil McCormick explains the song perfectly:
“A quite gloriously strange anthem, where the combination of stirring, yearning melody and vivid, poetic imagery manage a trick very particular to the art of the song: to be at once completely impenetrable and yet resonant with personal meaning. You want to raise your voice and sing along, yet Bowie’s abstract cut-up lyrics force you to invest the song with something of yourself just to make sense of the experience. And, like all great songs, it’s got a lovely tune.”

As I’ve gotten older the song has come into my life at very memorable moments.  When my roommate and I were sophomores, after a long day, we watched the movie Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.   I had seen it before, but this was the first time I really paid attention to it.  This scene:

There’s are so many things about this scene that make it magical that I can’t even put into words, but basically this scene further confirmed my love for the song.

Two things about the song.  The lyrics don’t make sense, but it is still beautiful (I’m going to use the word beautiful a lot in this post… be warned).  The lyrics literally do not make sense (Bowie has confirmed this) for the most part, but you still feel nostalgic, and hopeful, and emotional.  It has seriously taught me that things do not need to make sense for them to be beautiful or have meaning.  Another thing the song taught me is not to get tired of not having answers.  “Is there life on Mars?” is a question that we may or may not never know the answer to.  The uncertainty of this should not stop one from questioning, because the questioning process itself is just as special as finding an answer.  A lot of things in my life don’t make sense.  Getting “Is there life on Mars?” tattooed on me in Vermont made sense though.  Vermont is a place that produces a mixture of emotions in me.  Happiness, pain, loss, uprootedness, joy.  It’s all there.  It doesn’t make senes, and unless you’ve been to Vermont with me, it’s a part of me you might not fully understand.  But it’s beautiful, and going to back to Vermont made me really get how thankful I am to have grown up there and to still have amazing moments there with people I love.

Things will not always make sense, and that is beautiful.  Questions will not always have answers, and that is beautiful.  That is what “Is there life on mars?” means to me.

The 802 is for Vermont, and I probably won’t do a blog post about that one.  I feel like I’ve always had an 802 tattoo anyways.

I Miss the Summer Sense of Flight

It’s officially October, and it feels like summer wasn’t just yesterday anymore.  I haven’t blogged in too long, but now that I finally feel settled back at school (why does it take me like three weeks to feel comfortable again after transitions…) I actually have time to devote to blogging.  Now I do things like get up at 7:30 am (after pressing snooze 4 times <3) and listen to lectures about Human Physiology (we shed 30 pounds of skin in a life time people!! Love learning about that before I’ve had enough coffee to feel awake!)  I do things like write essays at 1 am that are due in 10 hours, read textbooks about european history in the 1600s, and make flash cards with medicinal terms on them (this is the term of gen eds btw! lalallala)

It’s official. I miss summer.

My trip to Arizona in September felt like a quintessential summer experience.  I didn’t have any work, I just had two good friends (or should I call them soul mates… because that makes more sense) and a new place to explore.

We drove to Sedona and walked down a path to a site like this:


We built a rock stack… because there were a lot of rock stacks around Sedona:


We drank a lot of wine and went swimming in a thunder storm, and talked about how we want to move to Ireland and start and bed and breakfast.  It was joyful:


I was reminded of how small I am and how vast and beautiful planet Earth is:Image

I miss the cacti, my friends I got to visit there, and the sunshine.  Really would not be surprised if I follow through with the Harley Davidson dealer we met and end up riding around New Mexico on a pink bike in my future.

RIP summer.

Gonna Write a 5 Things I’m Excited About Post to Help Get Me Through the Rest of August

Everything I’m maj. excited about is happening in September.  So August is kind of dragging (not as much as July , thankfully) but my month of September is seriously AWESOME and I think about it whenever I’m stuck in traffic, or going into hour 5 of a shift at Mac-jeezys.  So I figured, WHY NOT WRITE A POST ABOUT IT WHILE IM SITTING AT MY INTERNSHIP WITH NOTHING TO DO!?!!?

I’ve broken it up into five key points of excitement.

1.) Phoenix, Arizona

I am flying to Phoenix the morning of August 30th. How could going to Phoenix during one of the hottest months of the year be something that excites you?  Because in Phoenix I am meeting up with two of my favorite people whom I met while studying abroad in Ireland.  We called ourselves the tripod (cheeeesy to the max but also great), and we really connected and I’m so happy to get to be with the two of them again! I’ve seen Kendra since I was in Ireland because she lives in Oregon too, but I haven’t seen Heather since my last day in Michigan.   Being reunited with them for 5 days is going to be so much fun.

2.) Lake Orta, Italy

The day after I get back from Phoenix I am flying to Italy with my family.  We are flying into Milan then driving straight to Lake Orta, which is a sister lake to the more well known Lake Como, and supposedly even more special and beautiful. It’s going to be 10 days of hiking around little villages, eating pasta, and eating gelato.  Basically, 10 days of heaven.

3.) The National Concert

The National has been one of my favorite bands for five years now.  Words can’t describe how much I love some of their songs, and I am so thrilled that I get to see them in concert for a second time this September.  ASDLKFalfkjasdflkajsdflkasjsjd gonna die from all the beautiful melancholy lyrics.

4.) Going going back back to to college college

I’m going back to college. I’m going to be a Junior this year, and more than ever I feel extremely aware of how amazing college really is and how much I don’t want it to end.  I’m living with my best friends this year in a great apartment, and am so excited about the classes I will be taking.  I feel like this year is going to be really great, but I’m also aware that the end of college is around the corner, so I’m going to really appreciate everything about this coming year at school.


I’m turning 20 at the end of September.  It’s a big birthday.  I’m excited to be entering my 20s.  I feel extremely young, and am excited to see where the next few years take me.  I feel like a lot of people really grow up between the ages of 20 to 24.

How to (not) Do Your Summer Writing Homework

1.) Hate Everything You Start to Write

Start writing about a character who works for the security department at a department store, and vibe with it for a couple pages, then get stuck and delete all of it because it suddenly has gone from interesting to boring and suckish. Stop writing for the day and start again the next thing to have the same thing happen, this time though it is because the fiction story you started writing is really about your own life and too obviously so.

2.) Get Distracted by Anything

Sit down to start writing and realize you might get thirsty in a little? Go get something to drink right now!  Sit down to write and see your cat walk by?  Get up and give him a cat treat!  Sit down to start writing and realize you’ll probably need new boots for this fall?  Get off microsoft word and head to and check out the Chloe and Miu Miu boots you obviously can’t afford just for fun!  Go you!

3.) No Time To Do Anything, Let Alone Write

Work at the mall and intern for a production company, doing one or both at least 5 days a week.  Feel exhausted from working and need to take daily naps.  Your lunches start to consist of goat cheese pizza or homemade chinese noodles, so you now feel the need to spend any free time at the gym.  Realize you miss your college social life as well, so spend any left over free time hanging out with other humans.  Realize you have about 30 minutes a week you could devote to writing, but realize that likely wont happen.

4.) Don’t Know What the HW Is…

Lost the syllabus packet you received at the end of the year, so you have a sort of legitimate excuse for not knowing what the hw is.  Then realize that it’s also posted online so try and log in and see what its all about, but realize you have a late bill so they have locked you out of the online system sooo you actually really can’t see the homework!  No worries at all.