JUST DO IT (wait… maybe don’t just do that?)

Obviously coincidental, but this video just found its way into my life in a way that seems like the universe meant for me to see it.  (but ever since i watched a parody that criticized the fact that all white girlz think the universe revolves around them i have trouble thinking like that without a follow-up cringe. yikes.)

I first want to point out that so many of the comments on this video are positive. People are asking if its a Nike ad.  People are saying its motivational.  The title declares that it’s the most motivational speech of all-time.  I can’t help but see the irony behind the whole thing, and I completely approve of what I think Shia is actually trying to address.

we live in a self-improvement, just do it, endlessly-pinterestable-inspirational-quote world, and it has reached the point of lunacy.  Shia captures this phenomena to. a. tee.

I work at a company that is very much connected to the “just do it” lifestyle.  What started out as a simple and powerful idea has snowballed into a massive movement that I feel has lost its bindings and unfurled into utter chaos.  I believe this lifestyle, although is masked as being empowering, is ultimately unhealthy and aids in creating an unenjoyable life.  The “just do it” lifestyle is a dangerous one.  Shia emphasizes that you have to push as far as you can to your limit, and then push farther, and you can’t just dream but you have to MAKE YOUR DREAM A REALITY.  This leads so many people to exhaustion, drug abuse, unhappiness, anti-depressants, unhealthy food, unhealthy relationships and on and on and on.

“Just doing it” has paired very nicely with consumerism and our need for instant-gratification in that because many people cannot “just do it” it is easy to sell them products that might make them believe for just a moment that they can indeed “just do it”.

And sidenote, this is coming to the girl who has first hand sells people 150 dollar shoes with “new technologically advanced lightweight material in the upper!!!” so that they can “just do it”, when they probably wouldn’t have been able to train any better or worse with the 50 dollar pair of shoes at the outlet store.  So hey, what’s up tyler the creator, i’m a walking paradox as well.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone can “do it” or “do something,” but I argue that most people are not equipped to “JUST do” anything.  Doing things well takes time, and training, and dedication, which I think Nike believed when they first came out with this slogan, but I think our societies interpretation of this slogan along with a constant bombardment of motivational quotes and instagram feeds of people constantly improving themselves has lead for people to feel stress rather than empowerment.


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