WATCH: Pia Mia Feat. Chance The Rapper – Fight For You

I am loving this track right now. Kanye West recently said that Pia Mia might be the next Rihanna, and although I don’t know if I can totally agree with that, she’s got talent and it shows in this hypnotic song. The song grows on you as you listen to it. It starts off a little shaky with trippy beats and borderline cheesy lyrics from Pia Mia like “We feel the way that we create, who ever knows what’s real?” (suhhhh deep), but then something happens and with the picking up of the beat and her repetition of  “The day’s gonna come”, suddenly the song sounds so genuinely longing and hopeful that it becomes something special.  It starts to work and keeps going until the end.

Chance and Mia Pia are both at the beginnings of their careers right now, so it’s kind of awesome for them to team up for this track. Chance’s verse comes in unexpectedly. The song as a whole seems like it was originally just going to be Pia and perhaps after the fact Clams Casino got chance to come in and lay a verse on the track. The two components feel almost mushed together, but the juxtaposition which that combination creates takes the track to the next level. I read another review of this song which described Chance’s verse as having “island aggression” and that’s a good way of putting it. He plays with pace and pitch, and this verse one of my favorite Chance verses out there (and I really dig Chance so that’s saying something). This song is refreshing and surprising.


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