WATCH: Bell’s Whiskey Spot

What makes an ad good? That’s the question agencies have been asking for decades. That’s the question my professors ask, and will continue to ask, me and the other ad majors at  my journalism school. Whenever I see an ad that hits me in a way where I have to pause, watch it again, and relish it, I ask myself this question.

This ad is great, but what makes it so? Well for one it’s surprising and different. Most alcohol ads today are about partying, hot girls, or warm beaches. All which sell, but by now we’ve seen so many ads like that they all blend together. Bell’s Whiskey takes a different approach. Although male focussed (like most alcohol ads), this ad strays away from a sandy beach party and tell’s a beautiful story about a father.  It’s a story about the love between a father and son and how powerful and motivating that love is. The dad puts in hours and hours to learn how to read so that he can read the book his son has written. This ad promotes self-discipline, motivation, curiosity, and hard work. At 1:37 this ad hits you. This ad isn’t about drinking to get drunk, or to hook-up, or to party all night, it’s about celebrating love, and that’s a beautiful change from usual alcohol advertisements.


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