WATCH: Frances Ha

I had heard about this movie for a little while now, but only finally got around to watching it the other night. Mumblecore films are not for everyone, but I usually love them. Greta Gerwig does an extraordianry acting job in this film. If you haven’t seen her in other films you might think she’s actually a lot like Frances, but in reality she is a lot less weird. As a 20 year old I could relate to the struggle Frances goes through as she attempts to “grow up”. I thought her relationship with Sophie was very believable, and I loved how the film continued to surprise me. For example, when Frances takes a trip to Paris you might expect it to be a turning point, or at least filled with some type of adventure, and yet it is totally anti-climatic. The film wraps up a little too neatly, but overall I thought it was a great story.

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