My mom’s boyfriend played the song “Car Radio” for me because my own car’s radio does not work.  The song is by a band called Twenty One Pilots.  It’s two guys, Tyler and Josh, who are from OHIO.  Their sound is so unique.  For me at least, I’ve never heard anything really like it.  I’m not great at describing music so I looked online for a description and found a good one on the lollapalooza website which talks about their sound, particularly on their album “Vessel”  —

“an album which merges elements of hip-hop, indie rock and punk in a way that’s so seamless that you’ll be rapping along one minute and caught up in a lush orchestral line on a song like “Car Radio ” in the next minute. “We’re not trying to consciously do something different but we’ve just never emulated any other bands” Joseph explains. “We’ve never fit into any particular scene so we figured we would just make our own.”

From the impossibly catchy groove of “Semi-Automatic” to the high-energy hip-hop of “Holding On To You” and the ambient electronic experimentation of “Trees,” Vessel is a complex collection of songs that shows why twenty one pilots are the latest addition to Fueled By Ramen’s extremely selective roster. “‘Ode To Sleep’ is a song I’m really proud of because it’s really odd when it comes to structure; it challenges the listener, “Joseph explains. “Ultimately I think those are the types of moments that make our fans really connect to our music.”

I’m loving discovering more and more of their songs.  So far I’ve mainly been listening to Vessel.  Here are a few of my favorites off of it, also an awesome interview of the two guys!

Screen :

Car Radio :

Semi-Automatic :

Ode to Sleep (this one might be my numba 1) :

WATCH THIS! The answers they give to the last few questions (espeically Tyler’s responses) show how genuine they are.  Tyler has super interesting ideas. You can see how much they care about the music and the people listening to it.

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