The Five Albums that Defined My 2013

When I think about 2013 I realize that different albums  marked distinct parts of the year for me.  Rather than a year of playlists this really was a year of albums.  Listening to certain ones that spoke to me at certain times from start to finish over and over.  It was kind of awesome, and is a cool way for me to look back at the past year.

1.) The National- Trouble Will Find Me

I am so thankful for The National’s existence.  Matt Berninger’s (or shuld i sai da king of melancholy) beautiful and tragic lyrics are so necessary sometimes.  Just like with Boxer and Alligator, I slowly fell in love with every song on this album.  You can listen to it from start to finish and enjoy every song, but slowly discover a certain track that is extra special for whatever you are feeling that day.  I first loved “Sea of Love” and after that came “Graceless” and then “I Need My Girl”.  You will tell yourself again that Berninger is perfect in that he is able to prove to you that you are not alone in you’re feeling down or hurt.  I got to see them play with my friend in September and it was so f*cking amazing.   Berninger drank a bottle of wine and ended up coming into the crowd and I hugged him?! This album marked my month of May, which really felt like the start of my 2013.  Spring seems to do that to me, really start the year.  I honestly don’t know what happens January-March.

2.) Chance the Rapper- Acid Rap

Acid Rap is another album that marks spring 2013 as well as the start of summer.  It is really is the first album that comes to mind when I think about the start of 2013.  I distinctly remember that I started listening to in early may.  That was also right around the time I scored free speakers from a friend (which I had to finally return last month :() and I would play Acid Rap almost everyday.  While cleaning my room, while packing to move out of my apartment for the summer, while pre-gaming, while just staring at my ceiling.  I don’t know what it was/is about this album that is so listenable.  Chance feels a lot of pain, annoyance, confusion, but at the same time also has a lot of positivity in his music.  His songs are fun, and relatable, and mark a transitional point in my life.  I think I stopped listening to his album all the time around July (cause I literally listened to it from start to finish like everyday from may-july) but I still love it, and get stoked when a song comes on.

Lorde- Pure Heroine

Lordeeeeeee.  Pure Heroine was my summer album.  I listened to this soo much, in my car while driving around doing errands for my internship.  The song’s melodies are so catchy, her lyrics are so relatable, and I’ll say it again how did she make this album when she was 16.  It’s perfect.   Love Club was the first song that made me fall in love with the album, and I even learned how to play it on guitar.  This album makes me think of sunny drives, as well as a singular five hour drive to Seattle in October when we only had this album and Yeezus, so we ended up listening to the whole thing 5 times.  Start to finish.

Kanye West- Yeezus

Oh Kanye West.  Why do you have to be so incredibly talented and such an asshole.  I went to the opening night of his Yeezus tour in Seattle, and my life was forever changed.  He was on his A game that night (meaning amazing positive energy and no 30 minute rants about white supremacy/not getting nominated for enough Grammys which defined some of his other shows), and put on one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.  This album really marked summer and fall of 2013 for me.  My first favorite off the album was Blood on the Leaves and slowly I fell in love with Bound 2, Hold My Liquor, and the rest of it.

Beyoncé- Beyoncé

I got home at 4 am on Friday the 13th.  Finals week had just ended, and I had just finished watching a movie with some friends.  I checked my computer and saw a Facebook status about this album, which had just dropped, and ended up listening to the whole thing before I went to bed.  This album defines the word flawless, and when people ask me which is my favorite track I have to respond with at least 5 songs.  Like I have no words for how great this whole thing is…


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