I Miss the Summer Sense of Flight

It’s officially October, and it feels like summer wasn’t just yesterday anymore.  I haven’t blogged in too long, but now that I finally feel settled back at school (why does it take me like three weeks to feel comfortable again after transitions…) I actually have time to devote to blogging.  Now I do things like get up at 7:30 am (after pressing snooze 4 times <3) and listen to lectures about Human Physiology (we shed 30 pounds of skin in a life time people!! Love learning about that before I’ve had enough coffee to feel awake!)  I do things like write essays at 1 am that are due in 10 hours, read textbooks about european history in the 1600s, and make flash cards with medicinal terms on them (this is the term of gen eds btw! lalallala)

It’s official. I miss summer.

My trip to Arizona in September felt like a quintessential summer experience.  I didn’t have any work, I just had two good friends (or should I call them soul mates… because that makes more sense) and a new place to explore.

We drove to Sedona and walked down a path to a site like this:


We built a rock stack… because there were a lot of rock stacks around Sedona:


We drank a lot of wine and went swimming in a thunder storm, and talked about how we want to move to Ireland and start and bed and breakfast.  It was joyful:


I was reminded of how small I am and how vast and beautiful planet Earth is:Image

I miss the cacti, my friends I got to visit there, and the sunshine.  Really would not be surprised if I follow through with the Harley Davidson dealer we met and end up riding around New Mexico on a pink bike in my future.

RIP summer.


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