Gonna Write a 5 Things I’m Excited About Post to Help Get Me Through the Rest of August

Everything I’m maj. excited about is happening in September.  So August is kind of dragging (not as much as July , thankfully) but my month of September is seriously AWESOME and I think about it whenever I’m stuck in traffic, or going into hour 5 of a shift at Mac-jeezys.  So I figured, WHY NOT WRITE A POST ABOUT IT WHILE IM SITTING AT MY INTERNSHIP WITH NOTHING TO DO!?!!?

I’ve broken it up into five key points of excitement.

1.) Phoenix, Arizona

I am flying to Phoenix the morning of August 30th. How could going to Phoenix during one of the hottest months of the year be something that excites you?  Because in Phoenix I am meeting up with two of my favorite people whom I met while studying abroad in Ireland.  We called ourselves the tripod (cheeeesy to the max but also great), and we really connected and I’m so happy to get to be with the two of them again! I’ve seen Kendra since I was in Ireland because she lives in Oregon too, but I haven’t seen Heather since my last day in Michigan.   Being reunited with them for 5 days is going to be so much fun.

2.) Lake Orta, Italy

The day after I get back from Phoenix I am flying to Italy with my family.  We are flying into Milan then driving straight to Lake Orta, which is a sister lake to the more well known Lake Como, and supposedly even more special and beautiful. It’s going to be 10 days of hiking around little villages, eating pasta, and eating gelato.  Basically, 10 days of heaven.

3.) The National Concert

The National has been one of my favorite bands for five years now.  Words can’t describe how much I love some of their songs, and I am so thrilled that I get to see them in concert for a second time this September.  ASDLKFalfkjasdflkajsdflkasjsjd gonna die from all the beautiful melancholy lyrics.

4.) Going going back back to to college college

I’m going back to college. I’m going to be a Junior this year, and more than ever I feel extremely aware of how amazing college really is and how much I don’t want it to end.  I’m living with my best friends this year in a great apartment, and am so excited about the classes I will be taking.  I feel like this year is going to be really great, but I’m also aware that the end of college is around the corner, so I’m going to really appreciate everything about this coming year at school.


I’m turning 20 at the end of September.  It’s a big birthday.  I’m excited to be entering my 20s.  I feel extremely young, and am excited to see where the next few years take me.  I feel like a lot of people really grow up between the ages of 20 to 24.


2 thoughts on “Gonna Write a 5 Things I’m Excited About Post to Help Get Me Through the Rest of August

  1. hurstlin says:

    This post is my exact life except my list of exciting things starts in 2 days when I go to Chicago to see caaarl heheeh but let me just say that the anticipation i’ve felt increasing and getting less impatient and sad and more HAPPY throughout this week is maybe worth a boring summer? We are both so lucky to be so young and be going into JUNIOR YEAR IN COLLEGE and be doing so many amazing things aaaah

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