How to Live at Home Over College Summer Break and Not Go Crazy

1.) Make the transition as easy as possible

The transition of going from living near your friends on a college campus where you can pretty much do whatever you want whenever you want to living one room down from your parents in a house that is miles away from your college friends can be a little rough.  I’d suggest giving yourself a week of low key days to really make this move go as smoothly as possible.  Don’t head home the day after finals.  Give yourself a few days (or even a week) to pack up your apartment and hang out with your friends at school before heading home. Then give yourself a few days (or, again, a week) to unpack everything at your parents house and really get settled.  You don’t want to live out of boxes/suitcases for the summer, so it’s beneficial to unpack everything and get comfortable.

2.) Get a job

As great as it is to have nothing to do after months of having classes to attend on a weekly basis, staying at your parents house all summer doing nothing will only lead to suicidal thoughts (being obviously overdramatic, but come on, sex and the city marathons on tv and daily trips to the gym lifestyle gets old after about a week.)  Get a job, go to work, meet new people (you don’t have to become best friends with anyone, but it will help make the summer go by at a decent speed), and make some money.  I’m working all summer and putting the funds I make towards a trip to the SOUTHWEST  ❤ and a new laptop.  Lastly, a job gets you out of the house, and away from your parents, making it less likely to majorly get on each others nerves.

3.) Maybe get an internship too.

If you have a strong drive, or connections, you can get an internship.  Hopefully you can get one at a place that somewhat interests you.  It doesn’t have to be at a company where you DR3AM of working, but if it involves something that you’re sligthlyyy interested in, you should do it.  Internships can feel awkward at moments for sure, but you will learn a lot and really get to see what a certain career looks like, which will help you decide if you want to pursue it further.

4.) Get outside

It’s summer.  It’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s beautiful.  There’s lots of vitamin D to soak up, which for me, living in drizzly Portland, means I make a huge effort to get outside.  Whether its lying outside in the sun for a half hour, or spending the day hiking Mt. Saint Helens, getting outside (and doing something active is a special bonus) is a sure bet to make your summer awesome.  You can do stuff like this alone, with high school friends, or with your parents – all are solid options.

5.) Make an effort to do the things you wish you had time to do when you’re at college

This can include soo many things.  For me it is watching movies, tv shows, and reading books.  At school when I have a ton of homework and am hanging out with friends most weekend nights, I never have a lot of time to commit to reading for pleasure, or watching all the movies I want to see.  For some reason, I have no idea why, but during the summer when I have a lot more free time, it’s easy for me to let that time go to waste.  Make an effort to read, watch the movies you want to see, go to art museums, go on a trip, WHATEVER IT IS, just think about your college self and what they wish they could do when they have to write an essay, and do that thing! You will thank yourself this fall.


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