Buy These Little Guys

This is basically a post about nothing important because I haven’t blogged in a while and feel like a should… doot da dooo

But even with that knowledge, you should still read this post, because it potentially life improving! Or at least wardrobe improving, because what I’m about to talk about is really exciting.  I’m about to talk about shoes.

These shoes:

Okay. Get Ready. Here we goooo!

I found the cutest  sneakers for summer ever! And they cost $17 (and I just checked online and now they are on sale for $15!).  And they are from Old Navy! OMG!!!!1!!11!

i bought this color!

Out of boredom my roommate and I went to Old Navy in Eugene for the first time ever a week ago.  While shopping, I noticed a line of colorful sneakers hanging on one of the walls.  All of the bright colors caught my attention, and I had to check them out.  They come in red, blue, purple, navy, yellow, orange, and tan (and more).  I slipped on a pair and found them to be extremely comfortable.   I bought the pair in the color tan and do not regret it at all.  I’ve worn them almost every day this week because they are incredibly easy to slip on, and go with everything.  I would go back and get more colors, except I just bought a pair of nicer sneakers yesterday (SUPERGAS!:D) so I will hold off for a while on the sneaker shopping.

i like this pink color too

The only down side to these is that because they are fairly cheap, the quality is not  excellent (as expected).  As I said, I’ve already worn mine a lot, and I can tell that they won’t hold up for very long, the bottom soles of the shoes are already worn down a little :(  But I think the shoes ARE worth what you pay for them, so I would definitely recommend getting a pair, especially if you are looking for a slip on sneaker style shoe.  One of my friends liked them so much that she went and bought a pair for herself in navy!

You can purchase them online here, but they had a lot more colors available in the actual old navy stores, which I don’t understand! You would think they would offer all of the colors online.

These shoes aren’t great quality, but they are cheap, cute, and comfortable, and are my favorite things I’ve bought for summer so far! (besides the sneakers I bought online yesterday… but those aren’t in my life yet so they don’t count!)

I’m interested in what other people have purchased so far for the nicer weather! Have you found anything that was a great deal, or that you are just loving and think everyone should get?

woah blogging about sneakers is exciting.


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