Um, Can I Major in Netflix?

I watch a lot of netflix.  It is one of my favorite forms of relaxation, and I was thinking lately that I probably qualify as a Netflix major.  To bad the UO doesn’t offer Netflix as a major, or minor, because I would totally get on that.  How great would that be?

I’ve watched a lot  of the movies on netflix, and sometimes it seems like there are no good ones left.  Lately I’ve watched a lot of random movies that I simply clicked on because of a cool poster, or because a certain actor was in the film.  I thought I would do a post on  four random (random for me btws) netflix movies that you might not have already watched, and that you totally should.


I decided to watch this movie because I heard the cinematography was breathtaking.  Also, it stars VINCENT CASSEL, who I think is one of the greatest actors living today (sidenote: is vincent cassel a human being? because he seems to perfect/talented to be a real human…think about it k?)

The plot of this movie is fairly simple.  A fourteen year old girl, named Filipa, is spending the summer with her family in Buzios (a costal town in Brazil).  She thinks the family has gone there for the summer so that her father, Matias (played by Cassel), can work on his novel, but later in the movie you learn there are more complex reasons for the families move to the coast.  Filipa is at the age where she is starting to experiment with her own femininity and sexuality, but also still easily curls up on her fathers lap.  She discovers that her father has started an affair with an American living at the beach (played by Camilla Belle, who I’m still not sure can act, but she’s incredibly beautiful, so i guess that’s okay..).  The movie follows the development of that affair, as well as the breakdown of Filipa’s parents marriage, mainly through her adolescent perspective.

This movie has flaws, for example, I didn’t think the parent’s characters were round enough.  They are both extremely unlikeable people, which sort of made them flat at points.  However, the imagery in this movie is what pulls you in.  There are countless breathtaking shots of Brazil, that really transport you to the place.  You can feel the sun, and imagine exactly what it feels like to float in the ocean, as the characters often do.  Also I thought the portrayal of the Filipa’s family as a whole was excellent.  The family dynamic seems very real, and the relationships between the parents and their children come acorss as  authentic, especially Filipa and Matias’ relationship.  The end of this movie moved me, and overall I thought it was very good.


This movie I decided to watch only because Chris Messina was in it.  Although he sometimes tends to do odd, and not great films (like the movie Monogamy..just why.), his performance is always great.  This movie is slow, and I can see why a lot of people might not like it.  It’s about two characters who have a 10 year long affair that spans from an initial one night stand.  Although both in relationships that turn into marriages, the characters continue to meet in hotel rooms over the course of the movie (which reminded me a lot of Up in the Air). Although the characters are kind of easy to hate, because they continue their affair for so long without ever actually doing anything about it, Chris Messina and Marin Ireland put their all into their characters, and that really makes the film worth watching.  It is also cool to watch the actors develop the relationship given the limited setting.  Every scene takes place in a hotel room, which adds a suffocating sense both to their relationship, and the film, but the actors work with that to mold the relationship into something very unique and almost special.  This isn’t a movie I would tell people that THEY HAD TO WATCH!!!! but if you can’t sleep one night, and want to watch something that might capture your attention, I would recommend turning this on.


This movie made me cry.  It is very slow, and  quite, but if you give it time to build, it’s totally worth watching. This movie stars Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams, but I thought the strongest performances came from Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman (who plays an alcoholic).  The plot of the movie is sort of a combination of the storylines in Adrift and 28 Hotel Rooms, because the story centers on the failing mariage between Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams’ characters, and an affair Williams’ characters begins with their new neighbor (played by Kirby).  Williams’ character feels that she not getting something out of her mariage anymore, and trys to fill that hole through the affair with Kirby.  The ending of this film was  sad, but felt authentic and real.  Also, I thought the slow-moving qulaity of the plot made the movie feel very representative of “real life”.  The best line of the movie comes at the end of the movie from Silverman’s character (who plays Seth Rogan’s sister, I believe), she says, “Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic.”


Aw, I thought this movie was cute.  I decided to watch it because I was interested in the characters.  Chris Messina (he’s great in this, naturally) plays a street artist who performs as one of those silver painted “mechanical men”.  I always see those guys, especially in big cities like Chicago and New York, but I had never actually considered them, or wondered about why they chose to spend their everyday plastered with silver paint pretending to be robotic, for a dollar or two.  I think that is such an intriguing character idea for a movie, so when I saw that, I knew I wanted to watch it.

This movie is not great, but because it is based on good ideas, and it has so much potential, I think its worth watching.  So many random, awesome actors are in this including Topher Grace (my cat is named after this dude), Malin Akerman, Chris Messina (have i mentioned that i think he’s awesome..), Rich Sommer, oh yeah, and then there’s Jenna Fischer (hai pam).   Jenna Fischer plays the main character, named Janice, who is a thirty-something year-old who is “lost in life”.  She very quirky, and for some reason has yet to find her “path” in life.  She meets Chris Messina’s character, Tim, while working at the zoo, and they both bond over their shared ideas about life.  She also meets his alter-ego, the “mechanical man” and builds an odd connection with him, without knowing it is Tim.  The movie is about their relationship, as well as the pressure Janice feels coming from her sister (played by Ackerman) to figure out her life and find a good man to date.

This movie has so many things that would usually make me hate a movie.  The acting isn’t always great, Jenna Fischer’s character is borederline VERY ANNOYING, and there are countless tumblr worthy cheesy qutoes such as, “Sometimes I just feel invisible. And I heard someone say something recently, that it just takes one person, you know. Just one person to make you feel like you belong. To make you feel special. And I think that that’s true. I know that that’s true because… because I felt it. The other night, I was out with this guy that I work with and… I work at the zoo and… and anyway, it was only for one night, but it just… it felt different, you know.”

but… for some reason I can’t even really explain, I LIKED this movie! like a lot! I totally vibed with the thirty-year old characters who felt lost in life and like they didn’t know what they want to do, and I got teary eyed a couple times.  I’d recommend this movie if you are looking for a “feel-good” movie and aren’t going to be completed disgusted by a little (or, maybe a lot of) cheesiness.


2 thoughts on “Um, Can I Major in Netflix?

  1. I am so intrigued by the first two movies and am glad I read this. I NEVER know what to watch on Netflix…I had pretty much given up. But I reallllly want to watch one of the first two tonight. Which one did you like better?

    • mcorboy says:

      Im glad you liked this post! I would recommend Adrift before 28 Hotel Rooms, but just be aware that it’s in Portuguese so you have to watch it with subtitles! (…unless you are fluent in Portuguese, which in that case that’s awesome) so yeah, if you’re up for subtitles I’d watch Adrift first, but I do recommend them both! Let me know what ya think!

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