Exploring Eugene

This past Saturday was wonderful.  My friends and I started the day at 9 am by hitting up the Buffalo Exchange Dollar Sale.  To celebrate earth day, Buffalo Exchange throws a huge sale where they mark the prices on large amounts of their stock down to $1!  We showed up (coffee in hand) to the sale 10 minutes before it started, and there was already a huge a line.  When the Buffalo girls pulled out the first racks of clothing, I felt like I was in one of those scenes from “Mean Girls” when everyone starts behaving like jungle animals.  It was craziness.  All of the customers (a surprisingly even mixture of girls and guys) were ripping at the clothes on the hangers with no regard for one another.  My friend Eva, who’s a talented thrift shopper gave me some advice: JUST GRAB EVERYTHING, examine it later.

I tried to snag as much stuff as possible, however I think I need to improve my speed skills, because I defintily missed a lot of cute clothes.  However, I did get lucky and found a black blazer that fits me perfectly, and looks very sophisticated.  I also got a weird but cool (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself) black lace dress, and a cute shirt.  All for $3, you can’t beat it.  My friend Savannah got super lucky and found two pairs of awesome grey jeans, and each fit her perfectly too.



After the craziness was over I met up with another friend for lunch.  We wandered around for a little bit after lunch, grabbing a cup of coffee and windowshopping at American Apperal, before she asked, “do you want to go downtown?  I’m tired of this area of Eugene.”  I agreed, and we soon hopped in my car and drove away from campus.  I realized it was so true, even though I have a car, I have not explored Eugene as much as a I should .  I always complain about how boring and small Eugene is, but I don’t make a big effort to actually look for interesting things to do.

We first went to the Saturday market.  It was a gorgeous day, and we walked around laughing at the strange things you can see in Eugene.  Mind you, it was April, 20th, or FOUR TWENTY, and we witnessed many people celebrating what seems to be the most important national holiday in Eugene (ugh).  Speaking of greens, I also picked up some beautiful veggies at one of the stands.  Carrots from farmer’s markets will always be one of my favorite snacks.  I ate the bunch that I purchased over the course of the rest of the weekend.  I think my spirit animal is a rabbit.


After the Farmers Market, my friend recommended that we head over the 5th Street Public Market.  I had driven by this place many times, and always thought it looked interesting, but had never been. I am so happy my friend wanted to go here, because I think it is my new favorite place in Eugene!  The word “quaint” comes to mind when I think of Fifth Street Market.  It is a beautiful large building that has outdoor walkways that lead to and fro all of the stores.  There is a gorgeous courtyard in the center, and beautiful balconies on all floor levels, where you can sit and drink coffee or eat lunch.  Below is a picture I took of the courtyard from the first floor.

IMG_5838We first went into the clothing store Melange.  They had a lovely collection of clothes, including a wide selection of designer jeans.  We visited some of the other shops, and then went the Marche.  Can I just say, I was a little too excited to find Marche.  Marche also has a location on the UO campus in the art building.   I go there frequently, because they make the best latte that I have found in Eugene so far (acutally they are tied with Vero… but still,) so I was so excited to learn that they have multiple locations.  They also have a restuarant located at 5th Street Market, which I’ve heard serves great French food.IMG_9654

My friend ordered a salted caramel latte (it’s le bomb dig), and I had a cupcake.  Next I want to try their macarons to see if they compare to the authentic French ones.

The marche inside of the UO art museum, the BEST spot for coffee on campus

The marche inside of the UO art museum, the BEST spot for coffee on campus


If you are tired of the “hippy” aspect of Eugene, or just want to find something else, I would highly suggest visiting 5th Street Public Market.  I plan on going back soon to try the Sushi restaurant Pure as well as the Marche Restaurant.

Now I’m off to Portland for the night to go see the James Blake concert.  I.am.so.excited.  I’ve heard he’s magical live.


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