New Season, New Music

One thing that gets me through my Wednesday and Thursday (my busiest days..) is the fact that I do not have any classes on Friday! Seriously. It’s wonderful.  This mornign I slept in until 10 am and spent the first hour of my day reading my favorite blogs in bed with a cup of coffee.  It was lovely.

This weekend I am looking forward to going to the Buffalo Exchange dollar sale (everything is one dollah!! how epic), hanging out with freinds, and deciding where and if I will intern abroad this summer (it’s a big decision, and I’m bad at those, so we’ll how this goes…).  It’s been rainy today, so far, but hopefully the sun will peak out for part of this weekend!

Today’s post is going to be about several songs/artists I’m enjoying at the moment. I am currently really excited about muisc.  A lot of my favorite bands and artists have released new material recently (Kid cudi, James Blake, Phoenix, Cold War Kids…) and the new songs have been making this Spring feel even more refreshing and exciting.  Here are just 5 songs/video that I’ve been obsessing over this April.


I cannot express how much I love this guy’s music.  His sound is so unique and interesting, but I feel like most people would be able to get into it.  I’ve been listening to his whole album on repeat, which I believe is a sign of true talent in an arist.   When someone can produce a whole album that someone wants to listen to over and over, rather than a single track or two, you know it’s something special. I think every single track is amazing, but this is one of my favorites,

I could not be more excited to go to his concert this Wednesday!

2.) Kid Cudi is back

Kid Cudi released his third studio album, titled Indicud (I don’t love the name of it..) on April 16th (although it leaked earlier).  I’ve listened to it a couple times, and I am a fan!  The sound of it reminds me on his first Man on the Moon album.  What is interesting is that I’ve gone through the same process with this new album that I did with that one.  Back in 2010 I first really heard of Cudi, and at first I did not like the album.  It wasn’t until a few listens that I started to get into it, and that album ended up becoming the anthem to my summer.  Songs like “Man on the Moon” and “Up, Up, and Away” will forever have a special place in my ipod and heart.  Anyways, I think the same thing is happening to me with this album.  At first I didn’t really dig it, but as I’ve been listening to it more and more, it’s growing on me.  I’m not sure if I’ll ended up loving it to the same level that I love Man on the Moon, but it’s pretty great.

3.) Lana Del Rey Summer Wine Video!

Lana Del Rey and her boyfriend Barry-James O’neil (HIS NAME IS BARRY-JAMES, I LOVE IT!) covered Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine” and I’m obsessed with the video they released with the cover.  It’s homemade, vintagy, and adorable.

4.) Florence and the Machine for Great Gatsby

So I’ve already expressed my love for the fact that Bazz Lurhmann is making The Great Gatsby come to life in a movie, but have I expressed my love for the soundtrack that is accompaning the film? NOPE (..well acutally I kind of already did in my Gatsby post, but shhhh)  WELL, I am in love with the soundtrack to this movie!! Minus the fact that (who told him that nickname was a good idea…) and Fergie are on it, I am on board.  The film released the soundtrack preview yesterday and it is filled with songs that are a mixture of both modern and vintage sounds.  A lot of the comments about the tracklist were negative, but I think it is great, and if you have seen Romeo + Juliet then you know that Lurhmann is extremely talented at juxtapsing modern and old together to create something brilliant.  One of my favorite songs on this soundtrack is Florence and the Machine’s “Over the Love”.  Her voice is majestic and this song is absolutely stunning.

5.) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- We Know Who U R

I only recently discovered Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  The formed in 1983… only a little late on this one.  I love his voice.  It reminds me of the National.  I think this is a band people either love or hate, because they have such a unique and different sound.  I’m into it and my favorite song is the one below, “We Know Who U R”

I wish I could have seen their set at Coachella!

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