taken as my flight was touching down on march 28th

Today 3 people were killed, over a hundred were physically wounded, and millions were hurt and saddened by what happened in Boston.  When I first saw the headline, on twitter no less, that heavy feeling of despair quickly took over my body.  It is moments like this when the worst parts of life punch us all in the face.  Why is it that lately it seems like the dark, sad, unexplainable truths of life occur at a national level on a weekly basis.

No longer do I ask, or hear my friends ask, “Why is this happening?” or “Why is life so horrible sometimes?”, but instead, as I heard my roommate say this afternoon, I hear, “It never seems to end.”

Is this what part of growing up means?  Do you come to a point when you realize that there is no answer to your youthful questions of “Why does this happen?”

I refuse to accept “It is what it is.” I guess the only option is to take what happens and not just let it be, but do what you can to help.  I saw this image on my facebook newsfeed today and it struck me.

Leave it up to Mr. Rogers to offer me something positive to think about today.  Bad things will always happen.  Tragic things happen in people’s personal lives every single day, but when it happens on a national level it seems a lot of people open up about how to deal, and how to live in this life when such horrific events happen without any notice.

I think Mr. Rogers offers a great piece of advice.  By choosing to focus on the good, the helpers, you are able to not let that feeling of despair take over.

On the news tonight I saw video clips showing the scene right after the bombing.  Seconds after the explosions occurred there were already people stepping up into leadership postions, doing there immediate best to help others.

We all live together in this world where shit can happen at any moment, and I think it is the people that try and help and do their best to make the situation better are real life super-heros.  They show us all that even though we have no control, and no explanation for the tragedies that occur, we can do our best to fight them back.  We will all have opportunities to be super-heros in our lives.

My heart goes out to all of the families who lost loved ones today and to everyone who was affected by today’s events.

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