Restaurant Review: Off the Waffle


Ever since I heard about Off the Waffle, I knew I needed to give it a try.  It is a staple restaurant for students at the University of Oregon.  The main reason it took me so long to get there is because the restaurant is a few miles away from campus. Now that I have my car here, that can’t stop me anymore! I’m a free women who can do things like drive to waffle houses on Saturdays.  Awesome. So, on Saturday my friends and I decided it was finally time to check the place out.  Thinking about it now, trekking there might not have been a bad idea.  The weather was gorgeous, and some walking would have been a smart thing to do before indulging in liege waffles. oops.

The restaurant is located in a strip mall style building.  The decor inside is somewhat random and a little strange (or you could just say, “it was very eugene.”  There were photographs of flowers on the wall, a broken arcade game in the corner, and below is an image of the decor next to our booth…

interesting decor..

interesting decor

There were so many waffles to choose from.  They have sweet , savory  and in between menu items (like a waffle covered with strawberries and avocado).  I was craving sweet, so I went with the Banana Split waffle.  It was a waffle with bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, and homemade chocolate sauce.  My friends ordered The Bully (a waffle with chocolate and strawberries on top), and I forget the name of the other waffle, but it had bacon, a sunny-side-up egg, and maple syrup on top.

light and healthy breakfast

light and healthy breakfast teeeehehe

My waffle was so so good.  The whipped cream was amazing! It was homemade and super fluffy and light.  However, all of my friends and I agreed that the best part of each dish was the waffle.  The waffles are INCREDIBLE. Like serioulsy, best waffle I ever had.  They have a crispy exterior, and inside they are fluffy, dense, and the perfect amount of sweet.  I want another one right now.


When I go back, (because that’s not a question of if) I think I might order a waffle plain with a side of maple syrup.  The Banana Split was delicious, but super rich and decadent, and the toppings almost took away from how incredible the waffle is by itself.


I am now in the Off the Waffle Club (meaning that I no longer have to be like “oh I haven’t been there” and get a “WHAT?!?!” in response).  If you haven’t checked this place out yet, DO IT!

PS: look at how beautiful the weather was on saturday! Now it’s monday and back to rain rain rain.


why you gotta play me like this, eugeneeee?


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