Friday Five!

Doot da doo, it’s Friday!! I could not be happier that Friday is finally here.  This week has been intensely busy for me.  It was the second week of Spring classes, and I applied for three internships, and a creative writing program! I’m actually still not even done the creative writing program application.  It’s due at 4.  Merp. I still have enough time, I just cannot wait to get that thing off my hands!!  At 4:01 I will be feeling so relaxed and good about life.

I find that whenever I have an overwhelmingly list of things I need to do, my life starts to feel a little chaotic.  This week I didn’t workout as much as I wanted to, my room became disorganized, and I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping, so all I have to eat at my apartment right now is oatmeal.  I’m going to spend the weekend chilling in the sunny weather, trying out a waffle restaurant (um YES), and taking care of the things I ignored this week (ie: gorcery shopping, laundry, and cleaning the floors in my room).  Here’s to a productive and relaxing weekend!

Here’s five things I did find time to read/enjoy/getexcitedabout this week!

1.) How to look like one of those always-stylish-but-never-trying-to-hard french women- ARTICLE HERE!

2.) Alt J-Bloodflow- Alt J has sort of become an band that’s too like “ALT” (lol pun) and hipster to listen too… if that makes sense? I was hanging out with a small group of people at a music school and when Alt J came on everyone sort of laughed and then changed the song.  But I still love them, and think their music is beautiful.  And I have tickets to see them this coming September, soooo I won’t start hating on them at least until after the show!:)  But on the real, this song is gorgeous, and gives me shivers.


After seeing  this post on The Sartorialist, I cannot stop thinking about wanting a dress like this.  I feel like it’s such an easy-going and comfortable look.

I’m obsessed with the dress on the bottom left, and I have been searching the internet for one like it, but I can’t seem to find it!  I love midi-length dresses.



So one of my favorite holidays happened to be this week.  I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, but for those of you are feeling a little tired, I’m talking about Ben and Jerry’s Free Cone Day!!  On April 9th my friends and drove to BJs to get our ice cream on, but when we showed up, it was CLOSED!!!! We sat in my car just staring at the “Closed” sign for a long time, without saying a word.  None of us knew what to do. Our world’s fell apart for a good few minutes.  It was a sad sad day.


Closed Ben and Jerry’s on Free Cone Day…. how sad

We ended up at dairy queen.


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