Why A Blog

My name is Mona and I am currently studying Journalism and French at the University of Oregon.

On tuesday this week (April 2nd, 2013- it felt sort of monumental so I feel the need to include the date) I had my first journalism class with the professor Dr. Ryan.  He spoke to us for over an hour about the importance of actually doing things that promote what you are passionate about.  Although somewhat intense (kind of felt like a slap in the face, but I kind of felt like I needed that?), it was an inspiring lecture, and I left it feeling the need to follow his advice and create a type of portfolio.  So that is how Find the Jaguar Shark came about and I am hopeful that it will not only be a useful place to showcase my work (i’m like super professional and have so much work to showcase, btws ;)), but will inspire me on a daily basis to pursue creativity.

I am passionate about writing, movies, fashion, music, and food and will incorporate those grand concepts into this blog.

Sometimes it will be sarcastic, sometimes it will be serious- depending on the weather.

Rain or shine, I will be posting about three times a week.  Let’s go!


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